Shelby's Secrets to a Great Party

Themed parties don't have to be difficult.  Select one of our Themed Party Plans and follow the videos from start to finish to get a complete idea of how to host that theme party in fabulous fashion.  Each Themed Party Plan in this section covers the following areas:

Introduction  *  Theme, Mood & Color  *  Invitations  *  D├ęcor & Ambiance  *  Food & Beverage  *  Activities  *  Special Touches  *  Finale


You Can Plan a Milestone Birthday Party

Milestone birthdays are extra special occasions in a person's life to be celebrated.  Whether it's baby's first birthday in our example party, a 21st birthday, a 50th birthday or even a milestone event you are looking to celebrate, it's all about making this event significant to your guest of honor.  Look for ways to make the guest of honor feel like they are walking on sunshine in this show.

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