ELEMENT #2 - Invitations

The GOLDEN RULE for Invitations Is...Make Them Inviting!   

Let's face it, a boring party invitation isn't going to motivate anyone to come to your shindig so make them inviting and create some excitement!  A good invitation can do a lot more than just cover logistics.  Because it's the first thing your party guests see, it's a great opportunity to tie it into your party theme.  It can tell your guests how to dress, what they can expect at the party, and it sets the stage for a  good time.

Holiday Open House - Handprints Are People Too
Handprints represent reaching out, touch and connection.  What better way to reach out to people than with a party?  Party design expert Shelby Phillips shows you how to create a unique handprint invitation that's homespun and incorporates an element to include the whole family.

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