ELEMENT #2 - Invitations

The GOLDEN RULE for Invitations Is...Make Them Inviting!   

Let's face it, a boring party invitation isn't going to motivate anyone to come to your shindig so make them inviting and create some excitement!  A good invitation can do a lot more than just cover logistics.  Because it's the first thing your party guests see, it's a great opportunity to tie it into your party theme.  It can tell your guests how to dress, what they can expect at the party, and it sets the stage for a  good time.

S.O.S. Shipwreck Island Party - Message In a Bottle
If you were on a deserted island somewhere how would you get information to people...with a message in a bottle of course!  That's why this "Message in a Bottle" invitation is perfect for the Summer's Over Soon Shipwreck Island Party.  IN this segment Shelby shows you how to customize the message for different looks to hype the anticipation for this event.

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