ELEMENT #2 - Invitations

The GOLDEN RULE for Invitations Is...Make Them Inviting!   

Let's face it, a boring party invitation isn't going to motivate anyone to come to your shindig so make them inviting and create some excitement!  A good invitation can do a lot more than just cover logistics.  Because it's the first thing your party guests see, it's a great opportunity to tie it into your party theme.  It can tell your guests how to dress, what they can expect at the party, and it sets the stage for a  good time.

Father's Day Nascar BBQ - Creating Trading Cards
To set the proper tone right from the starting line for a NASCAR-themed BBQ for your father, send out trading card invitations with your dad's photo and some racy stats, along with the party details of course!  The trading cards are easy to set up with just a few key components as you'll see in this episode.  A list of potential ideas for card 'stats' is available under "How-To" in the RSVP Club Members section.

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